Joe Sharkey

Cooperator #: 002

Name: Joe Sharkey

Operating since: May 2012

Most Challenging Load: Personal Discipline


I moved to Brooklyn from the San Francisco Bay Area in the Summer of 2008. Participating religiously in Critical Mass for multiple years, I found allies in the NYC cycling community. As a direct-action volunteer with Time’s Up! I rolled beats to the streets via trailer-mounted sound-system. In Summer of 2010, I organized NYC’s World Naked Bike Ride, leaving the experience a possibilitarian.


Radicalized by the NYPD repression of Critical Mass and inspired by my networks, I embraced the Occupy Wall Street movement by organizing cyclists in support. The movement’s successes introduced me to horizontal organizing, while failures taught important lessons about intersectionality, mutual-aid and solidarity.


In May of 2012, a chance encounter on 1st Avenue changed my direction: a rig consisting of an electric pedal-assisted Bullitt cargo bike, towing a long Surly trailer. A revolutionary potential for the future for urban logistics was revealed to me as the first employee of Aqueduct Logistics, earning nearly minimum wage, but getting maximum experience.


Though Aqueduct shuttered at the end of 2012, an opportunity arose in my Brooklyn neighborhood of Ditmas Park: The Cargo Bike Collective. I joined small, regular meetings and utilized a shared Bullitt parked in a donated garage space. My experience and connections had found a place to flourish. I have dedicated myself towards growing and sustaining the CBC ever since. It has been a unique challenge but I am exhausted, yet proud, to spread the cargo way.


I also do seasonal work at NYC Farmer’s Markets and I don’t know how to drive a car.joe-headshotjpg

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